Demon!Dean is suave as fuck.

markiplier horror au

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So what do I call you now, Captain Hand?

Happy Supernatural Tuesday!

Once upon a time in a kingdom long forgotten,
lived a queen in exile, bearing the punishment she’d gotten.
Banished and denied she’d wandered the halls,
loneliness tore at her soul within the castle’s gloomy walls.

Years slowly passed and her resolve began to fade,
eventually succumbing to her lonesome fate.
Hopeless and alone her light fizzled out, 
never learning what true happiness was about.

Decades have gone by since it all happened,
her spirit finds no rest even for a second.
Her ghost continues to haunt, relentlessly chanting:  
"this tragic story has no happy ending."

Halloween AU

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Mark looking up at your icon and URL, and loving the person he sees



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"Preserving the health of the people".
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